29 March 2015


Hola, 皆さん( everyone)! 元気 ( how are you)?
Well the repot for this week. Ok well we had an interesting week
that’s for sure.we had things that went wrong and a lot of things that
went right. Last Wednesday we had an iPad exchange conference so we
all got new iPads and with the new start we are no longer allowed to
use Facebook for a couple of months or so. So basically I will be able
to use it when I’m about to go home. Can you believe it? It’s going by
so quick. I only have three transfers left and  then I will be home
soon. I get to skype everyone again in the next month and a half. Woot
woot. Ok well no really writes me to often anymore so it must be true
when they say by the end of your mission your letters start to die
out. Well I love you all any way. I will miss Facebook though. I admit
it was a good way to see how everyone was doing even though they don’t
write me. But now I don’t have that luxury so you will have to pull up
the slack and write me :-). Tyler? Chad? Shanna? Travis? Kylan?
Kierra? Mom? Mom is still pretty good even though it comes late.
Travis how are you, Melissa,McKenna,and new baby boy Joseph? I can’t
wait to see all these new babies. Chad how is the family? Tyler how is
Liz and work? Shanna how is that little girl, Daniel and your
pregnancy going?
As for my week we got a new investigator. Her name is Sakura. She is
16 yrs old and she is so cute. Our first lesson with her was kind of a
disaster. We didn’t scare her away or anything we just did a terrible
job teaching her what needed to be taught. After her lesson sister
Wilson and I went over the lesson and determined what went wrong and
wrote down the things we wish we had said instead. So we will be
better prepared next time. But doing that really helped us for the
next lesson we had with Hikari. Hikari is 15 yrs old. And she is the
cutest thing ever. Her lesson went awesome. The spirit was strong and
we really explained our purpose and our expectations and she told us
hers. We explained about how our message is there for her to accept it
and as she does the things we tell her to do she will receive answers
and will feel God in her life. It was such a good lesson. You could
see that she couldn’t wait to learn more where as with Sakura she
kept looking at the clock waiting for us to end. It’s ok we are not
perfect and we know that. We still lots of room to grow and become
better. This week should be fun with all the happy Easter activities
going on. Well family, that is all for this week. I love you

Brox Shimai


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